Warning mature content

10516 semi-dash-grimdark artist-colon-v-dash-d-dash-k rainbow+dash auction bondage bound+wings collar crying dashabuse gag human leash living+object m
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Medium (1)
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wait come back!
93154 rainbow dash suggestive cute tumblr collar pet pet play artist-colon-grumblepluck family guy pet-dash-dash
Why Dashie is a Pet Comic Dub00:48

Why Dashie is a Pet Comic Dub

sorry thats all i couod stich together here arecthe other pictures i found
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Tumblr mcj2rx35Ov1rfy89co1 500
276908 safe artist-colon-oze rainbow dash scootaloo ask blushing cast rainbow shy dash ring tumblr
if you were scared for life im sorry i warned you

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